Video Surveillance



Seda Solutions provides flexible, scalable, and cost-effective surveillance solutions suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. With an IP-based video surveillance setup, users can monitor and record video remotely using an IP network as the systems backbone. IP video installations can be deployed in any environment, and offer many benefits previously unavailable with analog CCTV system

Benefits of Network Video:

IP based (Internet) Video Surveillance has improved the effectiveness of video security by leaps and bounds over the analog CCTV equipment we’ve grown so accustomed to over the years. Today’s IP video surveillance solutions use an IP network, rather than complicated cabling setups. as the backbone for delivering information. This allows for flexible, cost-effective installation, remote video monitoring, improved storage, and a host of other benefits.

Remote Video Monitoring:

With IP surveillance cameras, users can view live network camera feeds in real-time from any computer with internet, Where the footage can be viewed remotely using a computer or, mobile phone and other handheld devices i.e. Ipad. Additionally, the recorded surveillance footage can be stored at remote locations.


Expanding a network surveillance system is as simple as connection additional Internet security cameras to the IP network. An IP surveillance camera can be placed anywhere along the network, and there’s no need for expensive and complicated cabling. Simply connect the camera like you would any other network device.

Improved Storage Capability:

Since network cameras capture digital video images, large amounts of footage can be stored on servers and network video recorders, where achieved video can be quickly accessed and searched. It’s easy to see the benefits of digital IP surveillance camera.

Video Analytics

Video analytics or CCTV software has come a long way over the past few years in terms of accessibility and capabilities. Now due to maturing analytics enginers and the increase of camera and sever processing power analytics can now be used for a variety of things such as;

  • People counting
  • Thermal imaging
  • Boundary protection
  • ANPR camera

As the number of camera’s being deployed and monitored continues to increase the better analytics can only help give operator’s more reliable information, which in turn improves response time and effectiveness

ANPR Camera’s

ANPR Cameras are designed for license plate monitoring in low speed scenarios, such as carparks, petrol stations, etc. It is suitable for vehicle entry and exit management as it has the ability to control boom gates, etc.. With embedded ANPR algorithms and time WDR, the ANPR camera can accurately detect and recognize vehicle license plates in all environments.

Thermal Surveillance Camera:

Fir those employing surveillance and security cameras in pitch-black scenes, thermal security camera technology gives user the ability to see what is going on no matter the level of light, as thermal surveillance cameras reply on heat to detect movement or motion. You can record activity twenty-four hours a day or whenever activity is detected.
Since most criminal attempts are made in the cover of darkness, thermal security makes an excellent complement to your complete IP surveillance system. You can access the cameras with a secure internet connection even if you are off premises. In many cases, simply having video surveillance cameras in a location will thwart attempts by thieves and vandals, but the added functionality of thermal security cameras is capable of capturing images of trespassers and criminals in 0 lux lighting conditions or busy outdoor areas.