Our services

Video Surveillance

Video monitoring offers high-level cost-effective protection. Video alarm monitoring uses our camera trap technology …

Access Control

Access Control is the control, management and monitoring of the entrance and exit of people through secure areas.

Security Systems

A security system is more than just home
protection. They provide an extra level of safety and security …


All buildings have some form of mechanical and electrical services to provide the facilities necessary for maintaining a comfortable working environment.


We provide service, repair and upgrade of a wide variety of network cabling, such as data cabling, fiber optic and wireless IT solutions.


We can offer anything from the standard 100V line system through to cutting edge digital systems that can be integrated with EVAS or a fire system.


Our control room will receive a signal from your security system and will then follow your site-specific instructions so that when you are absent from your property you can be reassured that it is still being protected.


We offer after-hours and weekend site access, which enable the operations center to remotely let authorized vehicles into site, eliminating the need for an on-site guard.


Our selection includes: commercial safes, quality domestic safes, fire resistant safes, gun safes, key safes, deposit safes and fire proof filing cabinets.