Video monitoring

Video monitoring offers high-level cost-effective protection. Video alarm monitoring uses our camera trap technology thus allowing control room operatives to perform instant video verification of the event.This means no more sending patrols to sites only to find rubbish blowing around in the wind, birds or cats etc.

How video monitoring operates:

A video-monitored system consists of two parts:

The alarm/ intrusion detection system, and the surveillance system. The systems are integrated so that the activations from one are verified from the other.

alarm activation:

  • The operations center receives the alarm.
  • The detector which triggered the alarm is mapped to corresponding camera, which covers the detected area.
  • The security operator checks the respective cameras, and verifies the alarm. E.g. being an intruder or animal etc.
  • Upon verifying the alarm, appropriate action is taken. This may be to close the alarm as benign, or immediately dispatch police in the event of a confirmed break-in.
  • The control room may also take additional action, such as using a voice-blast to ward off suspected intruders.