Managed Services

Managed Access

SEDA Solutions offers after-hours and weekend site access. Managed Access enables the operations center to remotely let authorised vehicles onto the site, eliminating the need for an on-site guard.

Video Patrols

Reduce guard patrol costs by having the operations center conduct scheduled camera checks of your site for things like closed gates and staff that are still present.

Guard Patrols

Schedule patrol checks of your site to ensure the site is secure and correct.


  • Ensure an on-site presence to deter potential intruders
  • Ensures all external doors and/or gates are secured
  • Check for any person(s) still on site who may not be authorized or may require assistance.

Remote Actions

Thanks to the speed and connectivity, IP systems enable the operations center to remotely turn on and off your security system, program users, and open doors. All without having to send a guard to site.


  • Enable remote control of your alarm system by the operations center even when there is no one on site. Forgot to turn on the system? No problem.
  • Enable user-management and system changes quickly and hassle-free, without having to send a technician to site and incur a secure callout fee.
  • Enable temporary access to let in contractors or visitors without having an onsite presence.

Automatic Reports

Gain an insight into who’s using your system and get answers on who’s first in and last out.


  • Meet compliance and auditing requirements to capture user activity
  • Gain an insight on who is actually using the system
  • Ensure compliance with operating hours and staff accountability

Client Portal

Eliminate the need for costly expenses of any on-site servers and software. The Protege user management portal enables end-user access in real-time for all user management and operational changes.


  • Gain real-time management and control of your security system without the expense and overheads associated with server and software deployment
  • Create, modify and delete users, change schedule times, view reports, control door all from an easy to use web-based interface with full audit trail of changes.