Alarm Monitoring

IP Monitoring:

As technology improves and more and more services and functions are being performed online, traditional analog monitoring systems are being forced into the digital world. Copper phone lines are costs to maintain, an with line rental and user charges the cost of an analog system quickly mounts up. Moving your alarm system to a fully IP solution and utilising your existing internet connection, can provide significant savings.


Dialler monitoring is the security system making a phone call to the control room over a PSTN line / Analog line when the system detects an issue i.e. alarm status, system status or other emergency. This is old technology and, on its way out with the NBN rollout replacing analog phone lines.


GPRS 4G lte monitoring is achieved by connection a GPRS 3G, 4G lte unit to your existing alarm system. This then sends all alarm data to the control room over the mobile phone network in small data packets. These units don’t require a phone line allowing savings on line rental and call costs. With the NBN rollout well under way, these units are a cost effective way to monitor your existing system.